General Log In Information

General Log In Information

Login credentials (ID & Password)

To log in to the 5 Dynamics Learning Application ( you need an ID and password. These login credentials are provided to you through your learning institution, either directly from your course instructor or through an email invitation containing your login credentials.
  1. If emailed to you, the invitation comes from with "5 Dynamics Invitation" in the subject line, just in case you need to search your spam folder.
  2. If you aren't sure how you will receive your login information or if you think you should have received an email invitation but cannot find it, contact your course instructor directly for clarification.

If this is your first log in

At the log in page, you will enter the User ID and default password provided to you (see Login Credentials above). if you get an error message about "an incorrect User ID or Password" then check your User ID carefully; also, make sure your Caps Lock key isn’t on, and type in the ID and password exactly as it was provided to you (i.e., all lower-case, etc.).

Other log in tips

  1. System-generated passwords are common 6-8 letter words and are always in all lower-case, even if they are usually proper nouns (e.g., “january”).
  2. Depending on the font used, some characters can look very similar: lowercase “L” and numeral “1”; capital “O” and numeral “0”; etc. Try different combinations if applicable.
  3. If your login information was provided by email, then make sure you are using the most recent invitation sent to you. Each new invitation invalidates any older passwords.
  4. If you tried the "Forgot your password" function but never received an email, know that this request still invalidated the password from your original login credentials. See info on the "Forgot your password" function.

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