How to Assign Tokens

How to Assign Tokens


Tokens can be reassigned to other Token Buyers in the organization. This is useful, for example, when purchases need to be centralized for budgeting reasons, but the tokens then need to be distributed to others for use. Another use case may be if a Token Buyer is about to change roles or jobs, and that person's tokens need to be redistributed to others.

Assign Tokens Form

All users will see the following fields in the form:
  1. Owner. Lists all Token Buyers in your org. Begin typing a person's name to narrow the list.
  2. Tokens Quantity. The number of tokens you want to transfer to the new Owner.
  3. Delete. Remove a row from the form.
  4. Add Owner. Add another row to the form.
  5. Update. Only activates when there is valid information in every field of every row of the form. Once activated, tap this button to submit your request.
If the Update button won't activate, check every field of every row for valid information. Delete empty rows if needed. The button lights up a brighter blue color (the same as the Add Owner button) when active.
You cannot assign a total of more Unallocated tokens than you have available under My Tokens. This will prevent the Update button from activating. 

Administrators will also see an extra field, "Type," in the Assign Tokens form. There are two types of tokens Administrators can choose from:
  1. Unallocated. Transfer tokens from your own Unallocated tokens from under My Tokens.
  2. Organization Unassigned. Transfer Unassigned tokens from under Organization Tokens. 
Administrators cannot assign a total of more Unassigned tokens than are available under Organization Tokens. This will prevent the Update button from activating.
‚ÄčIf you need to transfer both Unallocated and Unassigned tokens to the same Owner, you will need to add another row to the form using Add Owner.


After pressing the Update button, you should see your requested changes reflected in the summary of token numbers at the top of the Tokens module.
  1. For an overview of tokens, see Token Administration General.
  2. To purchase more tokens, see How to Buy Tokens.
  3. To request people share their profiles with your organization, see How to Use Tokens.
  4. To reassign your pending and completed requests to other Token Buyers in your org, see How to Change Owners.

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