How to Change Owners

How to Change Owners


Share Requests, both pending and complete, are initally owned by the Token Buyer who initiated the request; however, these requests can be reassigned to another Token Buyer by either the current owner or an Account Administrator. This is useful if a Token Buyer is about to change roles or jobs, and that person's requests need to be redistributed to others so that the data is not lost to the organization. Another use case may be if transferring visibility of a prospect's APGI would be more useful to a different owner (i.e., Token Buyers can only see the requests that they own).

Requests List Filters

Similar to the list on the Use Tokens tab, all pending and complete requests will be listed on the Owner Change tab. Token Buyers will see all requests which they own; Administrators will see all requests across the organization.

Use the Search for Reports filter to narrow the list using the prospect's name or email address. If you are an Administrator, you will also see a second Filter by Owner.

Reassign Owners

You can reassign many reports at one time using the steps below, but you can only reassign them to one new owner. If you need to reassign requests to multiple owners, you will need to complete this process multiple times.
Process Steps:
  1. In the first column, select the check box for each request for which you'd like to change owners, then tap the Reassign button.
Filter the list to narrow down the results if needed.
  1. In the Reassign Reports window, select the Token Buyer to become the new owner of the requests you selected in the previous step.
  2. Tap Reassign to submit your request. You will be taken back to the Owner Change tab and see a confirmation message at the top of the page.
    1. If you are a Token Buyer, you will note the changed requests no longer appear on your list.
    2. If you are an Administrator, you will note the requests have the new Owner listed.
  3. Repeat the process for the next Owner as needed.
  1. For an overview of tokens, see Token Administration General.
  2. To purchase more tokens, see How to Buy Tokens.
  3. To share your Unallocated tokens with other Token Buyers in your org, see How to Assign Tokens.
  4. To request people share their profiles with your organization, see How to Use Tokens.
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