Ideas for Individuals

Ideas for Individuals

Below are some simple ways individuals can use Simpli5® in their everyday work.
  1. Sign up for our quarterly newsletter to get valuable Simpli5 insights directly in your inbox.
    1. Go to and scroll to the bottom of the page; enter your email in the box.
    2. Encourage others in your user group to do the same to maximize the benefits to your organization.
  2. Make your profile visible to others (via your Energy Map).
    1. Add your profile to your email signature.
    2. Use your profile as your avatar in an online directory, collaboration/network site, and as an avatar or virtual background in online meeting software.
    3. In team meetings, display your profile on back of your laptop or print your Name Tent.
    4. Put your profile on back of your work badge so you can flash it.
  3. Consciously modify a written communication or presentation so it reflects the recipient’s learning preferences.
  4. For a project, use the Simpli5 Project Completion Cycle to identify deliverables, steps and/or roles.
  5. Encourage others to view your Simpli5 individual reports for insights into a better working relationship.
  6. In interactions (1:1, projects, meetings), ask the questions below and actively adjust as needed.
3 Questions to Keep Top of Mind
Use the questions below to consciously align everyone involved in any process.
  1. What energy am I in?
  1. What energy are you in?
  1. Are we addressing all 5 phases of the Project Completion Cycle?
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