Ideas for Pairs

Ideas for Pairs

At the Network page, find and tap your partner’s name to open their Network page. The Working Together content focuses on how you two collaborate together; the Leading 1:1 content focuses on how you can help your partner work through any process or project. Both are valuable, regardless of your role hierarchy. Use or adapt the guide below whenever collaborating, launching a new project, or when conflict arises.

Pair Conversation Guide

  1. Take special notice of any dynamic where you both have a high amount of energy. Who will be responsible for moving the pair out of this dynamic?
  2. Take special notice of areas where both people have lower energy. How will this area be addressed?
  3. Create agreements for which partner will lead in dynamics where you both have conflicting energy.
  4. Create agreements or operating procedures such as agreeing to time-box brainstorming or risk assessment, and regularly use the 3 Questions to monitor success and satisfaction.
  5. Agree on a protocol or language for gently pointing out when an energetic mismatch is perceived.
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