Ideas for Teams

Ideas for Teams

The Teams page provides resources for understanding and working with a team’s energy DNA. Below are some ways teams can use Simpli5® in their everyday work.
  1. In team meetings,
    1. Print Learning Charts as a “cheat sheet” to communicate using others’ learning preferences.
    2. Have everyone print their Name Tent or attach their Energy Map to the back of their laptop as a quick reference (for virtual meetings, use Energy Maps as avatars or virtual backgrounds).
    3. Use the Project Completion Cycle to help manage the meeting; regularly use the 3 Questions to keep the meeting on track.
  2. During project kickoffs, review the Team Dynamics content and discuss the project in terms of the energies of all team members and potential pitfalls or blind spots–i.e., an energetic SWOT analysis.
  3. When launching a new team or project, review the team’s spider graph and adapt the guide below.

Team Conversation Guide

  1. What Energies are most present in our team? Least present? How will that affect our performance in those Dynamics? What adjustments might we need to make as individuals and as a team?
  2. Where might we spend too much time? Not enough time? How do we tactfully voice those concerns when they arise?
  3. Do we give each Dynamic its due? What agreements can we make to improve our awareness?
  4. Who are the connectors for each of the Dynamics? How can they help us bridge these Dynamics, and how can we support them during these phases? How do we navigate the remaining energetic gaps?
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