Influencing Others

Influencing Others

Key Strategies for You

  1. Genuinely empathize by suppressing discussion of what you want.
  2. Know and use the other person’s Learning Preferences.
  3. Appeal to the leverage points of the other person’s highest energy or energies.
  4. Anticipate objections and have answers.
  5. Make every effort to be trustworthy in every detail.

Steps to Take

  1. Learn the other person’s energy profile.
  2. Review the Working Together and Leading 1:1 content between you and this person. 
  3. Study the person’s Learning Preferences and adapt your teaching/conversational approach as necessary.
  4. Try to learn as much as possible in advance about the constraints the person is under (e.g., time, money or resources, risk, reputation).
  5. Critical questions to ask:
    1. What would you ideally like to get out of this?
    2. What are your concerns?
    3. What do you think are the biggest risks to you? Your department?
    4. If this worked, how would it benefit you?
    5. How could I make this easier for you?

Typical Leverage Points for Each Energy

• Opportunity to learn
• Opportunity to create something new
• Influence system-wide effects
• Improve other people’s welfare
• See and be seen as a champion
• Increase fairness or equity
• Have fun and friendships
• Gain experience and connections
• Join a winning team
• Attention to detail
• Gather valuable data
• Reduce systemic risk
• Standardize processes or procedures
• Save money

• Beat a challenge
• Accomplish
• Be seen as a victor
• Gain skills and confidence
• Material rewards
• Gain status

Crucial Simpli5 Resources 

In Simpli5 at the Network tab, find a person’s name by scrolling through the list or by narrowing down the list using the “Find a Connection” filter. Tap the person’s name to open the “Working with…” page.

The main panel of this page contains all available information to help you better understand and work with a person. Tap a module box to view that content. 

Individual Content

  1. For this application, at minimum you should review the other person's Work Preferences and Learning Preferences.
  2. Other individual content includes Energy Map, Time Map, Project Completion Cycle, and Leadership Style. 

Paired Content

  1. Working Together compares you and your partner’s alignment in a peer-to-peer collaboration and provides awareness of where you both may need to adjust your preferred energies.
  2. Leading 1:1 suggests how a leader can improve a relationship and performance by accommodating the other person’s energies. Helpful even if you aren’t the “official” leader.

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