Joining a Simpli5 org when you already have a Simpli5 profile

Joining a Simpli5 org when you already have a Simpli5 profile

Q: I've been invited to join a Simpli5 org, but I already have a profile. Do I have to create a new profile and take the assessment again?

A: No! When you are invited to join a Simpli5 org and already have a Simpli5 profile (through another Simpli5 org or through Simpli5 Relationships), then there is no need to set up a new profile or take the assessment again.

Follow the normal steps for Getting Started in Simpli5® to open and accept your invitation.
If your new invitation was sent to the same email address as your existing profile, then the system will recognize this and automatically prompt you to log in with your existing credentials to join the new org to your profile.
When you click the "Accept/Decline Invitation" link, it will automatically open in your default browser the Setup Profile form.
STOP! There is no need to complete the Setup Profile form if you already have a login.
If you already have a profile in another Simpli5 (corporate) org, click "Login" to join your accounts.
If you already have a Relationships profile, click "Link Account" to transfer your profile.

To join your existing Simpli5 profile

Click "Login" near the top of the Setup Profile form and, when prompted to log in, enter the email address and password of your existing Simpli5 profile. The new org will be added to your list of available orgs as long as that org remains active.
If your existing profile is associated with an inactive email address (e.g., through a previous employer) submit a desk ticket to request your profile be associated with your new address. 

To transfer your Relationships profile

Click “Link Account” near the top of the Setup Profile form and, when prompted to log in, enter your Relationships login information.

Your Relationships profile—including your password—will be used to create your corporate profile, and you will be taken to the My 5 Dynamics page where you can begin to explore everything Simpli5 has to offer.

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