Manage Your Boss

Manage Your Boss

Key Strategies for You

  1. Subtly support your boss in their lower Energies.
  2. Write and speak in your boss’s preferred learning style(s).
  3. Stay abreast of where your boss focuses their time, attention, and energy.

Steps to Take

  1. Learn their energy profile.
  2. Review the Leading 1:1 content (“Leading [boss’s name]”) between you and your boss.
  3. Study boss’s Learning Preferences and adapt your teaching/conversational approach as necessary.
  4. If possible, discuss with your boss the assumptions in the Leading 1:1 content.
  5. Critical questions to ask:
    1. What are the metrics you/we have to produce?
    2. Where are you spending most of your time? Energy? Focus?
    3. What are things I could do to support you?
    4. What are things I should not do to support you?
    5. Are there any relationships that you consider essential for me?
    6. How/how often do you want me to communicate with you?
    7. Can you show me models of effective reports/emails/presentation?

Tactics for Your Energetic Matchup

Crucial Simpli5 Resources

In Simpli5 at the Network tab, find your boss’s name by scrolling through the list or by narrowing down the list using the “Find a Connection” filter. Tap the person’s name to open the “Working with…” page.

The main panel of this page contains all available information to help you better understand and work with a person. Tap a module box to view that content. 

Individual Content

  1. For this application, at minimum you should review your boss's Work Preferences, Learning Preferences, and Leadership Style.
  2. Other individual content includes Energy Map, Time Map, and Project Completion Cycle. 

Paired Content

  1. [Recommended] Leading 1:1 suggests how a leader can improve a relationship and performance by accommodating the other person’s energies. Helpful even if you aren’t the “official” leader.
  2. Also available is Working Together, which compares you and your partner’s alignment in a peer-to-peer collaboration and provides awareness of where you both may need to adjust your preferred energies.
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