Navigating the Simpli5 platform

Navigating the Simpli5 platform

Once you are logged in to Simpli5, at the top of any page is the navigation header bar.

  1. Simpli5 pages.
    1. My 5 Dynamics. Learn more about yourself and how your energetic preferences affect different areas of your work.
    2. Network. Learn more about your coworkers energetic preferences and how to work better with them one-on-one.
    3. Teams. Learn more about how a group of people will likely work together and how to increase their success and satisfaction in doing so.
    4. Training Center. Watch in-app our videos explaining Fundamental concepts and Advanced applications.
    5. Administration. Manage members for your org. Only visible to Account Administrators.
    6. News. View the latest Simpli5 News for tips, insights, and current events.
    7. Relationships. Sign up or log in to our sister product, Simpli5 Relationships, designed for friends and family. 
    8. Token Administration. Manage tokens for your org. Only visible to Token Administrators.
  2. Network/Organization select. If you are a member in more than one Simpli5 network, you can toggle between organizations by using this pull-down menu. If you only have one network, it will be the only one that appears.
  3. Account Prefrences page. Change your password, review your linked networks (organizations), and choose your default network if you are a member of more than one.
  4. Help Desk. Browse our collection of articles, user guides and FAQs, or submit a ticket.
  5. Logout of Simpli5. End your current session and return to the login page.
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