Profile Setup Troubleshooting Guide

Profile Setup Troubleshooting Guide

  1. I see the Setup Profile screen. Move to the next question below.
  2. I see a blank screen. This is usually caused by the security settings in your browser preventing the page from fully loading. You have three options:
    1. In the security/privacy settings for your default browser, allow cookies for Cookies are used only for basic functions and navigation, never to track what you’re doing on or away from our site.
    2. Right click the invitation link to copy/paste the link into a different browser to see if you have a different experience.
    3. Access the email on a different computer, tablet or mobile device and attempt to accept the invitation on that device.
  3. I see a popup error message, "Invalid invitation. This link is no longer valid." This usually indicates that your local Simpli5 administrator sent multiple invitations; only the most recent invitation is valid. Recheck your inbox and spam folders for the most recent email with the subject line "Simpli5 Invitation."
  4. I see another error or have a different experience not listed here. Submit a desk ticket describing your experience.

Setup Profile Screen

When you tap the Save button at the bottom of the Setup Profile screen, what happens?

  1. I'm taken to a new screen with two heads facing each other and "Welcome, [my name]." You have successfully saved your basic profile information. Complete the Starting Point assessment to finish creating your energy profile.
  2. Nothing happens; I remain at the Setup Profile screen. This usually happens because you haven't successfully provided all the information requested in the form. All fields are required; specifically, include the fields listed below. Once all fields have valid information, the Save button becomes active.
    1. Choose a pronoun preference. This will be used in all 3rd person content about you (e.g., your teammates reading about how best to work with you through a task or project).
    2. Mark the Agree to Terms checkbox. Click the Terms of Use link to review the full document first.

Did you enter valid information in all fields of the Setup Profile screen, tap the activated Save button, and still nothing happens?

  1. Yes. Is your chosen password by chance very long, or you used a password manager to create the password? Please manually enter a shorter password using the on-screen prompts.
After you attempt to Save a too-long password, the form will likely lock up. Close the browser tab and restart the setup process from the email invitation to try again.
  1. No. For all other issues, submit a desk ticket describing your experience.

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