Questions within the 5 Learning Dynamics Application

Questions within the 5 Learning Dynamics Application

Once logged in to the 5 Learning Dynamics application, there are several commonly asked questions you may have.

Why do I have to enter my name and email address?

If your User ID is a letter followed by 5-7 numerals or was provided directly from someone at your institution, then on your first log in you will be prompted to enter your name and email address. This is so your instructor can identify your results once you complete the assessment.

What is this blue popup message about "... your results are NOT available to you..."?

In several places within the system you will see this message, listed below in its entirety.  The message means that, after you complete the assessment, you will not see your results right away. Your instructor will give you a copy of your report; contact your instructor directly for more information. In the meantime, click on the check mark to close this popup message to proceed.
"At the request of the organizer for your class or session, your results are NOT available to you at this time. Your Learning Report and Graph will be presented to you during your class or session; please contact your Instructor or Facilitator for more information."

How do I start the assessment?

Before you can take the assessment, you must first accept the software license agreement. Click on the link "Agree to Terms & Conditions" to read the license agreement, or just mark the check box to accept the terms and move to the next screen. The next screen provides a brief set of instructions on how to take the assessment. Click on the link, "CLICK HERE TO BEGIN," to start the assessment.

How will I know I successfully completed the assessment?

As you begin the assessment, you will see a series of two sets of word-pairs on the screen. Click on the word-pair that is more like the way you really are, not the way you would like to be or the way you may be in a certain role. In other words, which pair is more like the fundamental YOU? Don't worry if some are hard to decide—just pick the one that is more like you.

As you click on each word-pair, the screen will automatically move to the next pair. A popup message will tell you when you’re done.

What if I have other questions about using the application?

For in-page contextual help on using the application, click the orange "Page Help ?" button near the top-right corner of each page.

If none of the above suggestions help or if you have any other issues or questions not covered above, submit a HelpDesk ticket. Include in the ticket the email address issued by your institution and include a detailed description of your problem with any error messages or system behavior that you are experiencing; screenshots are always helpful.

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