Simpli5 Pair Content (Overview)

Simpli5 Pair Content (Overview)

Simpli5 pair reports are invaluable tools for improving relationships and onboarding people quickly. Once two people have both completed the assessment, two types of pair reports can be created:

Working Together Report

These reports are useful for two people who must collaborate on a specific project. It helps to create awareness between the two individuals so they can hand work off, avoid blind spots, and prevent unnecessary or unhealthy conflict. They can use these reports to have a conversation about how to best set up their working relationship, become more understanding, understandable, and empathetic.

Leading Others Report (Leading 1:1)

Leading Others reports compare learning styles, and then provide suggestions as to how a leader can improve a relationship and performance by accommodating the other person’s energies, influencing the relationship for the better. The report contains a series of assumptions about the pair’s attitudes, perceptions and behaviors. In working with the report, leaders should try to check the validity of each assumption and others which are valuable but not included. The goal is to make explicit every aspect of a person’s process.
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