Token Administration General

Token Administration General

For basic information about the purpose of tokens, see Tokens General FAQ.

The Token Administration page has been added to the Simpli5 menu. This page is available by default to all Account Administrators and to anyone else in your org who has been assigned the Token Buyer role.

At the top of the Tokens module (all tabs) is a summary of tokens.

All Token Buyers and Administrators will see "My Tokens" which enumerates the user's tokens:
  1. Unallocated. Number of tokens currently available to create a new share request. To increase this number, additional tokens can be purchased at the Buy Tokens tab or reassigned by another Token Buyer within the organization.
  2. Allocated. Number of tokens currently in use for a pending share request but not yet consumed. If the request is declined or expires, then this number will go down by one and the token will be returned to Unallocated. If the request is accepted, this number goes down by one and increases Consumed by one once you create the PDF report.
  3. Consumed. Number of tokens that have been used to create a PDF of a person's APGI report.
Administrators will also see the number of Unassigned tokens available across the organization. 
  1. These are from Token Buyers that had unallocated tokens but then were removed as a Token Buyer or removed from the organization.
  2. These tokens now belong to the organization and any Account Administrator can reassign them to other Token Buyers.
Below this summary, the Token Administration page is divided into four tabs:
  1. Buy Tokens. Purchase additional tokens in-app using a credit card.
  2. Assign Tokens. Reassign unallocated or unassigned tokens to a different Token Buyer within your organization.
  3. Use Tokens. Use tokens to request individuals share their APGI reports with your organization.
  4. Owner Change. Reassign pendignrequests to a different Token Buyer so that owner can have direct visibility to the report. 
Use the above links to learn more about each tab.
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