Tokens General FAQ

Tokens General FAQ

What are tokens and why do I want them?

Sometimes you may want to confirm the 5 Dynamics energies of someone outside your organization without using a full Simpli5 license or without giving the person visibility to your org and those within it (and vice versa). Examples of useful applications of tokens would include potential new hires, sales prospects, coaching clients, etc. Simpli5 tokens have been created to meet these needs for HR leaders, sales leaders, coaches, and others.

To be clear, tokens are not the same as Simpli5 licenses and, when used, a token will not give the person any visibility to any part of your Simpli5 org, teams, or members. To invite someone to join your Simpli5 org as a member with equal access and visibility to others, an account administrator must invite them from the Administration page.

What can I see and not see of a person's profile when I use a token?

You, as the Token Buyer, will gain access only to an individual's Advanced Professional Growth Insights (APGI) report once that person has accepted your invitation to share the APGI with your organization. The APGI is the same as that available to the person through Simpli5 Relationships, and it includes the person's Energy Map and a report of how that person prefers to get work done. See the attached sample APGI report at the end of this article.

This is not the same as inviting them to join your Simpli5 org as a member; you will not see the person as a member of your org, any of their Simpli5 content, or the ability to include them in pair or team content. If you would like to do these things, an administrator must invite them into your Simpli5 org from the Administration page.

What does the person using the token (the prospect) experience?

Token Buyers use tokens to invite a person to take the actions below. The person will receive an email from; this invitation will guide them to:
  1. Create a new profile in Simpli5 Relationships by completing the 5 Dynamics Starting Point assessment. If the person already has a Relationships account, they just need to log back in.
  2. Actively choose to share the Advance Professional Growth Insights (APGI) report with your organization. 

Once the person has completed both steps above, the Token Buyer will have access to download the APGI and distribute as needed to others within your organization.

How do I become a Token Buyer?

Any member of a Simpli5 organization can be assigned the role of Token Buyer by a local Simpli5 Account Administrator. Those who may benefit from being a Token Buyer are HR leaders, sales leaders, etc. If you are unsure of who to contact within your org, submit a desk ticket to request assistance.

How do I become a Token Administrator?

Account Administrators by default are also Token Administrators. This role has visibility to all tokens and shared APGI reports across the entire organization and some control over reassigning tokens and reports in cases when a Token Buyer needs to be removed from the organization.

Currently, a user cannot be a Token Administrator without also being an Account Administrator or vice versa. Account Administrators must be approved by your organization; contact your local Simpli5 Account Administrator. If you are unsure of who to contact within your org, submit a desk ticket to request assistance.

What do the categories listed under My Tokens mean?

  1. Unallocated. Number of tokens currently available to create a new share request. To increase this number, additional tokens can be purchased at the Buy Tokens tab or reassigned from another Token Buyer within the organization.
  2. Allocated. Number of tokens currently in use for a pending share request but not yet consumed.
  3. Consumed. Number of tokens that have been used to create an APGI report.

What are Unassigned Organization Tokens? (For Account Administrators)

These are from Token Buyers that had unallocated tokens but then were removed as a Token Buyer or removed from the organization. These tokens now belong to the organization and any Account Administrator can reassign them to other Token Buyers.

How do I purchase or use tokens?

See Buying and Using Tokens FAQ for more information.

How do I reassign tokens or reports?

See Reassigning Tokens and Reports FAQ for more information.

Where can I find information on how the Token Administration pages work?

See our knowledge base Token Administration page. We recommend you start with the article Token Administration General.
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