Tools for Teams (Overview)

Tools for Teams (Overview)

Teams page (general). Create a Simpli5 team for any group of people to gain a better understanding of how they function (or potentially will work) together.
  1. Team Energy table. All the energies on the team in one compact reference.
  2. Team Spider Graph. Select up to 12 team members to generate a Team Spider Graph.
  3. Team Dynamics. How will this team work together? A team analysis based on the combination of energies that each team member brings to the group.
  4. Leading the Team. Where you may need to adjust your natural leadership style to meet the team’s needs and potential friction points within the team.
  5. Working Together. On team page, you can select both members of the pair if they are members of the team.
  6. 1:1 Leadership. On team page, you can select both members of the pair if they are members of the team.
  7. Name Badges. Create Avery-compatible badges to be used for Workshops or other events. Full details in Simpli5.
  8. Tent Cards. Create Name Tents to be used for team meetings or other events. Full details in Simpli5.
  9. Learning Charts. You can create a Learning Chart that includes up to 100 people. The Learning Chart includes the person’s name as well as their Energy Map.

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