Troubleshooting Guide for Login Problems

Troubleshooting Guide for Login Problems

5 Learning Dynamics Login URL

First, make sure you are using the correct URL, as we have multiple login pages for our different products. Our educational application,, is used by secondary schools, community colleges, and universities. If your email invitation has a subject line of "5 Dynamics Invitation" or if your login information came directly from someone at your institution, then this is the correct login page. If you are looking for our Simpli5 platform, used by our corporate customers and select universities, you can redirect here.

User ID or Email

Your User ID is provided in your login credentials. If you get an error message about the wrong ID or password, check your User ID carefully.
  1. Some system-generated IDs may be close, but not exact, to your name; for example, "psmit" for Pat Smith.
  2. You may also use the email address associated with your User ID; however, you should check with your instructor to confirm if your institution has email variations (for example, "" vs. "")
  3. If your User ID is a letter followed by 5-7 numerals, then you will be prompted on your first login to enter your name and email address; therefore, only your User ID can be used for the initial login.


Your default password is provided in your login credentials. You can change your password after logging in by using the "Change my password" box at the My Folder page.
  1. System-generated passwords are common 6-8 letter words and are always in all lower-case, even if they are usually proper nouns (e.g., “january”).
  2. Depending on the font used, some characters can look very similar: lowercase “L” and numeral “1”; capital “O” and numeral “0”; etc. Try different combinations if applicable.

Troubleshooting Login Problems

When you enter your ID and password and press the LOGIN button, what happens?
  1. Does your ID and password disappear, but you remain at the login page?
    1. This usually indicates an issue with your browser settings. Our system requires that both javascript and cookies be active for page navigation. (This only allows you to move between pages of our site; we never use cookies to track what you’re doing on or away from our site.)
    2. Unfortunately, we can’t really guarantee support for issues outside of our online application. If you are comfortable with making changes to your computer and know how to make sure javascript is enabled and cookies are allowed for, then this should fix the issue. Doing a search for “[your preferred Internet browser] cookies/javascript” should bring up several current walkthrough guides.
    3. If you aren't comfortable with making changes to your browser settings, then we recommend trying to use a different browser on the same or a different device, to see if you are able to log in.
  1. Do you get a popup message, “You entered an incorrect User ID or Password. Please check the spelling and make sure CAPS LOCK is not on and try again”? Even though you know you are typing everything correctly?
    1. Are you using the most recent email invitation? Each invitation sent invalidates any older passwords.
    2. Otherwise, this may be related to your computer settings or your browser cache. Use the general advice listed below to try to troubleshoot the problem.
    1. Restart your computer, then go to the login page (URL above) and try your login information again.
    2. Force your browser to reload the page, to make sure it’s not using a cached copy of the page. Refresh the page with the keystrokes given below, then try again to log in.
      1. In Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Internet Explorer, open the login page, then press Ctrl+F5.
      2. In Safari on OS X, press ⌥ Option+⌘ Command+E to empty your cache (for all websites you have visited), and then ⌘ Command+R to refresh the page. Since the cache has been deleted, the page will be retrieved from the server. If you don't want to delete your whole cache, then skip this step.
      3. If you have a second Internet browser installed on your computer, then use it to open the login page and try to log in; the issue may be related to some other browser settings not covered above.
      4. If all else fails, try to log in on another computer or device, if that’s an option for you.
If none of the above suggestions help or if you have any other issues or questions not covered above, submit a HelpDesk ticket. Include in the ticket the email address issued by your institution and include a detailed description of your problem with any error messages or system behavior that you are experiencing; screenshots are always helpful.

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