What does "Assessment pending" mean?

What does "Assessment pending" mean?

Q: What does "Assessment pending" under a person's name mean and what do I do next as an Administrator?

A: The "Assessment pending" tag under a member's name (at either the Administration or Network pages) means that a person accepted their invitation to join Simpli5, submitted the information at the Profile Setup page, but exited Simpli5 before completing the Starting Point Assessment. The next time the person logs in, they will first be prompted to complete the assessment before they can access the rest of the platform.

For you as Administrator, they may come to you and say, "My invitation is no longer valid." This is normal; once a person has created a profile (and set a password), then they should use the Simpli5 login page to access the system. There is no need for you to reinvite these users (you will actually get an error message if you try) and you shouldn't delete the person's profile and start over (this needlessly will use an extra license).

If the person with "Assessment pending" doesn't know how to log back in to complete the last step in the profile setup process, you can trigger a Simpli5® password reset on their behalf. If you aren't sure of the email address associated with their Simpli5 profile, search their name at the Network page
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