What is Simpli5 Relationships?

What is Simpli5 Relationships?

What is Simpli5 Relationships?

Simpli5 Relationships is our newest software application that provides you with unique insights to create better relationships with your friends, family, and significant other.

How do I join Simpli5 Relationships?

Anyone can join Relationships by using the Sign Up button at the Relationships login URL (screenshot below). See this article for more specific steps.

If you already use Simpli5 at work, log in to Simpli5 and register at the News page to link your new Relationships account to your existing profile. For steps, see Getting Started in Relationships when Joining from Simpli5.

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      There are three ways to join Simpli5 Relationships: Register from Simpli5 corporate. Sign up at the Relationships login page (see below). Accept an invitation from a Relationships member (see below). Sign Up at the Relationships login page When you ...
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      Only registered users can log in to Simpli5 Relationships. If you are a Simpli5 (corporate) member, log in to your Simpli5 account and go to the News page to register your Relationships account; otherwise, you must be invited to Relationships by ...
    • Relationships Home Page

      My Profile Header Bar Your name and avatar. Click the link to open the full My Profile page. My Relationships A list of all your connections. Tap a name or avatar to open that person's My Relationships content. Invite Friends Invite a new member to ...
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      Joining from Simpli5 (Corporate) Members in a Simpli5 (corporate) organization can register for a Relationships account at the News page when logged into Simpli5. Registering a personal email address at this page will automatically prompt you to link ...