What is Simpli5 Relationships?

What is Simpli5 Relationships?

What is Simpli5 Relationships?

Simpli5 Relationships is our newest software application that provides you with unique insights to create better relationships with your friends, family, and significant other.

How do I join Simpli5 Relationships?

For the initial release, our corporate Simpli5 users can create a Relationships profile and have been given 10 complimentary invitations to invite new people into Relationships. If you are not a Simpli5 customer, you must be invited by a Relationships customer to join Relationships at this time.

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    • Getting Started when Invited to Simpli5 Relationships

      Accepting Your Invitation to Simpli5 Relationships When someone already in Simpli5 Relationships invites you to join, you will receive an email invitation from notifier@5dynamics.com. Use the "Accept or Decline Invitation" link in the invitation to ...
    • Logging In to Simpli5 Relationships

      Only register users can log in to Simpli5 Relationships. If you are a Simpli5 (corporate) member, log in to your Simpli5 account and go to the News page to register your Relationships account; otherwise, you must be invited to Relationships by ...
    • Finding or Inviting Friends in Simpli5 Relationships

      Finding Friends already in Simpli5 Relationships In the main header bar on any page, use the search bar to "Find friends by name or email." If that person has a profile in the application, simply tap the Add Friend button to ask that person to ...
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      Joining from Simpli5 (Corporate) Members in a Simpli5 (corporate) organization can register for a Relationships account at the News page when logged into Simpli5. Registering a personal email address will send an email invitation from ...
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      At the home page, the My Relationships section lists your connections and those with whom you have pending invitations. Header Bar The person's avatar, birthday, and bio appear in the header bar. To remove your connection with someone, tap the ...