Why use Leading the Team?

Why use Leading the Team?

The Leading the Team content provides key insights for you in being an energetic influencer of your team, regardless of if you are the "official" leader. In particular, two sections may prove insightful: Project Completion Cycle and Friction within the Team.

Project Completion Cycle

This section looks at how the team will likely move through a typical project. For each dynamic, your concentration of energy in each dynamic is compared to the rest of the team. Use this to increase awareness of the team's natural tendencies and potential blind spots.

Friction within the Team

Teamwork can be an energetic tug of war when one energy (unconsciously, most often) tries to pull the group into its favored dynamics. Teams frequently get stuck when tensions or conflicts emerge from differences in energies. 

This section of Leading the Team provides a risk assessment for your team, and symptoms of tension to watch out for. 

Resolving Conflict

When conflict erupts between two people, use their Working Together content to facilitate a conversation about their energetic differences. Seeing their conflict as an energetic misalignment—rather than a personality clash—can bring insight and give them a path forward to get unstuck.

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