Why use Learning Charts?

Why use Learning Charts?

Learning Charts can be a helpful tool for teams in a variety of situations; see the list below for examples. One side of each chart shows the Energy Maps of up to 10 people per page, allowing the team to identify everyone’s highs and lows at a glance. The flip side of each chart shows each person’s high energies (Effortless or Abundant) to aid the team in recognizing each other’s preferred learning styles. 

Learning charts can help teams to see their pattern of energies, to align energies to the processes at hand, and to address each other’s learning preferences. Have you tried leveraging learning charts in these team situations? 
  1. Team formation
  2. Onboarding a new team member
  3. Team meetings
  4. Projects
    1. Project alignment and engagement
    2. Project review cycle
  5. Team optimization
    1. Refresh group goals
    2. Clarify roles
    3. Maintain accountability
    4. Clearer communications
    5. Healthy influence
    6. Visibility and openness

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