Why use the Teams page?

Why use the Teams page?

The 5 Dynamics methodology can be viewed as a template for team performanceTeam outputs are the result of Energies and perceptions in the room, overlaid with the history and leadership structure, as well as the use/non-use of best practices. As such, 5 Dynamics can increase awareness of these various factors.

Team performance reflects how team members focus and align their Energies as they move through the process of learning, creating, and collaborating. So, instead of looking at just one person’s Energy in a process, we look at the combined Energies of everyone working on the team. When we do this, we can see how well the team’s Energies are aligned (balanced) and where the team may be physiologically stressed or become stuck.

The following suggestions can help you get the most from the Teams page:
  1. Create a new Simpli5 team on team formation or at project kickoff.
  2. Designate one team "owner" to publish and maintain the Simpli5 team for all team members. Anyone can create a team, but publishing multiple versions of the same team can be confusing; one person should maintain the "official" record of the team.
  3. Generate a spider graph to analyze the team. If there are more than 12 people on the team (max for a spider graph, for visibility and readability), then break them into smaller graphs based on role or function.
  4. If team members change over time, the energy distribution of the team may change as well, so update the team's page and review all the team content.

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