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            How do I use the pair modules through a team's main page?

            The pair modules are also available through the team’s main page.
            1. At the Teams page, select a team to open its main page.
            2. On the team’s page, below the Team Spider Graph section, scroll down to the section Working with Team Members (Screenshot 1, below). You can choose either pair module, Working Together or 1:1 Leadership.
            3. When you open the module, you will see two placeholders for the partners in the dyad (Screenshot 2, below).
              1. When you tap in either box, “Type name and search person,” a popup will automatically populate the list of available member profiles; select the person’s name that you want to add to the dyad. For large teams, as you begin typing a first or last name, the list will filter down based on the text entered.
              2. For the Working Together content, it does not matter which order the partners are placed; the content will be the same either way.
              3. For the 1:1 Leadership content, the person chosen in the left-side placeholder will be designated as the energetic leader of the pair. If you reverse places, this content will read differently based on who the “leader” is for the dyad.
              4. Once two people are selected, the content for this module will automatically populate at the bottom of the page.

            Screenshot 1: Working with Team Members: pair modules


            Screenshot 2: Default view of pair module

            Updated: 21 Jun 2019 03:55 AM
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