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            General Information about Simpli5® Account Administration

            Simpli5® Account Administration

            All administration functions in Simpli5® are located under the Administration page, only available to Account Administrators. These functions are listed below and are covered in different articles in the knowledge base.

            If you’re looking for information on the standard functions available to all members of your organization, refer to these different articles of the knowledge base: I need help with the... My 5 Dynamics, Network, or Teams pages.

            The primary functions you can perform as an Account Administrator are to:
            • Invite New Members to your organization,
            • Remove Members who are no longer connected to your organization,
            • Designate Teams as Public to the entire network,
            • Share Content Modules with specific members.

            Administration Main Page

            The main Administration page is where you can see basic information about your organization, add new people or remove them from your organization, and manage content modules.

            Organization Summary Panel

            The Organization Summary panel shows the organization's name and logo, the account type, total number of members, number of licenses available and total licenses allocated, and the total number of teams published in your organization. Below this summary are two buttons which will open the corresponding content in the main panel: People and Content Modules. The People panel opens by default.

            People Panel

            The People panel is where to go to add new people to your organization using the Invite People button in the top-right corner. Full details on this function are provided in the article Managing Members.
            The People panel is further divided into three lists: Members, Sent Invitations, and Groups.
            • The Members list shows everyone who is currently connected to your organization. The Delete link (to the right of each person’s name) will permanently Remove Members from your organization.
            • The Sent Invitations list is where you can Review Sent Invitations pending for the organization. The Resend Invitation link provides a manual option to email a reminder invitation to a person, and the minus (-) button allows you to invalidate an invitation. 
            • The Groups list shows all groups of people invited at the same time to join the organization. From this list you can Review or Edit a Group Invite, including the frequency of automatic email reminders.

            Content Modules Panel

            The Content Modules panel is where to go to assign special content bundles—for example, our Leadership content—to specific members of your organization. Full details on this function are provided in the article Share Content Modules.
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