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            I need help on the My 5 Dynamics page

            Understanding Your Own Energy Pattern

            My 5 Dynamics is your landing page on login; here you can tap the module boxes for videos and your Individual Reports—the standard set includes Work Preferences, Energy Map, Time Map, Performance Cycle, and Learning Preferences—to learn more about how your Energy Pattern directs different aspects of your working life.
            In the main Overview panel, below the graphic of your Energy Map, you can tap the "Energy Map" button to download a PNG image of your Energy Map or tap the "Overview Report" button to download a PDF of your Work Preferences report.

            Edit Profile

            At the My 5 Dynamics page, the Profile Summary panel includes your image and name; tap the Edit Profile link to upload or to change your profile picture and to adjust your privacy settings. The Edit Profile page also includes the Account Information panel where you can view and edit your personal and employee information.

            Edit Profile Picture

            On the Edit Profile page in the Profile Summary panel, tap Edit Picture to upload a profile picture; JPG or PNG images files, up to 1 MB in size, are accepted. After selecting an image, you can drag and/or zoom to adjust the image to your satisfaction. You can remove your profile picture or repeat this process with a new image at any time.

            Profile Privacy

            By default, all profiles are set as public. At the bottom of the Profile Summary panel (below your picture) is an option to Make profile private. When this box is checked, then no one in your network will have visibility to your Energy profile until you accept an invitation to share your profile with a specific person (see Share Profile Function for more detail).

            When your mark your profile as Private, you will be excluded from others learning how best to work with you at the pair and team level. Your name can still be added to a team, but your profile information will not be included in calculating the team’s Energy composite.
            You can toggle the profile privacy option at any time.

            Edit Account Information

            On the Edit Profile page, tap the Edit button in the top-right corner of the Account Information panel to make changes. You can update the Name field, and you can add information to these optional fields: Mobile Phone, Work Phone, Mailing Address, Job Title, and Division. You cannot make changes to these required fields: Email Address and Company.

            Tap the Save button at the bottom-right corner of the panel to update any changes to your personal or employee information. Tap Cancel in the top-right corner to exit edit mode without saving.
            Updated: 26 Sep 2019 06:18 AM
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