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            I need help on the Training Center page

            The Simpli5® Training Center provides video tutorials to help you understand and apply the 5 Dynamics® methodology. Currently, the Training Center includes two modules:
            1. Fundamentals Training. The Fundamentals Training Program is designed to give you a basic understanding of the 5 Dynamics® core concepts as well as individual, pair, and team applications. This program is divided into 11 videos; total running time: 36 minutes 30 seconds.
            2. Advanced Training. Our Advanced Training guides you through applications of 5 Dynamics®. The Fundamentals program is a prerequisite to the Advanced Training. This training currently includes 3 videos: Leadership Development, Effective Meetings, and Optimize Change Management.

            Both modules are listed on the main Training Center page; tap Launch Training to open either module. Within either module, the full list of available videos is listed in a sidebar to the left. Choose a video from this sidebar menu, then click on the video in the main area to begin playing the video. Some videos include exercises below the main video area to help you better apply the information from the video.


            Q: Why can't I get the videos to play?

            A: The Simpli5® videos are formatted as mp4 files, an industry standard. As with all other functionality within the platform, javascript and cookies must both be active.

            Simpli5® uses your browser's default video player to launch the videos. If the videos do not play, then it is most likely an issue with your browser configuration. An easy way to test for this is to open Simpli5® in a different browser or on a different device to see if the videos will play there.

            While we cannot guarantee support with issues outside of our own platform, you can submit a Desk support ticket, and we will be happy to assist as we are able.
            Updated: 25 Sep 2019 01:44 AM
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