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            Working with a Team

            To learn more about a team listed in the main Teams panel, tap the team name to open that team's main page.
            The Team page includes the Team Overview panel, Team Energy panel, and Team Reports and Resources. Here is a brief description of each section:
            • Team Overview panel lists the team name and description, the current number of team members, and the team owner. If you are the team owner, then you will also see options to Edit Team Detail and to change the Team Visibility Settings.
            • Team Energy panel contains a table of each member’s energy, an Energy Map with an overlay of the team’s average energy, and an option to create a team spider graph.
            • Team Reports and Resources include the standard reports Team Dynamics (team) and Working Together (pairs) and the Name Badges, Tent Cards, and Learning Charts resources. Tap any of the module boxes to open that report or resource.

            Team Energy Panel

            The Team Energy panel contains a table of each member’s energy, with the team average listed in the first row. Tap the column headers to sort the table by members’ first names or by Energy intensities (high to low or low to high). If needed, a scroll bar will appear to let you scan through all team members.

            Also in this panel is an Energy Map with an overlay of the team’s average energy (purple outline). You can tap team members’ names in the table to show their Energy Map and how each individual compares to the team average.
            On a desktop or laptop, hover the cursor over an Energy balloon in the table to see a popup of that Energy’s intensity level. Hover between balloons to see the full Energy pattern.

            On a mobile or tablet, select a person’s name and check the Energy Map legend to see that person’s full Energy pattern.

            Team Spider Graph

            At the bottom of the Team Energy panel is the option to create a spider graph as an alternative view of the team’s energy. Tap the button to open the Generate Spider Graph tool.

            The first panel is the interface to select team members to include in the spider graph. Note the instructions and limitations provided near the top of the panel.
            You can create an unlimited number and combination of spider graphs as needed.
            If desired, select the Include Team Average checkbox to show it as an additional line on the spider graph; however, note this is the average of all team members, not just those included for the current spider graph.
            Once you have selected all the desired team members, tap the Create button in the bottom-right corner of the panel to open this spider graph.

            The Spider Graph panel shows the graph created in the previous step and a review of what each Energy contributes to the team’s efforts.
            The Spider Graph is interactive. Hover over (desktop) or tap (mobile) a name or graph line to highlight that individual in the graph.
            The Spider Graph panel also has two buttons in the top-right corner to download PDFs of the files listed below to your local computer. These ad hoc resources are not stored on the platform but can be recreated on demand.
            • Download PDF. Creates a static PDF of the spider graph shown in the panel; depending on your browser settings, this file may either automatically open in a new tab or prompt you for an action.
            • Overview Report. Creates a ZIP folder containing a brief working style overview for each person included in the spider graph; this file will be emailed to you on creation (usually within 5 minutes).

            Team Reports

            The standard team reports are Team Dynamics (team) and Working Together (pair). Tap the module box to interact with the reports. In Working Together, first specify the two partners to generate the report.

            Team Resources

            Each team's main page also provides three additional resources. Each resource uses the same Select Team Member interface as described for multiple functions listed above. These ad hoc resources are not stored on the platform but are downloaded to your local computer and can be recreated on demand. You can create an unlimited number and combination of these resources:
            • Name Badges. Recommended multiples of 6, up to 18 badges per file (to avoid waste); file output prints to Avery 3x4 inch (6 to a page) or compatible labels.
            • Tent Cards. Recommended multiples of 3, up to 18 tents per file (to avoid waste). Not traditional tent cards! Recommended to print on cardstock, cut horizontally between tents and fold each tent between the two Energy Maps to stand up.
            • Learning Charts. Recommended up to 10 people per chart (to avoid waste). Charts of 10 people can be printed double-sided to maximize efficiency. Repeat as needed for additional pages of team members.

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