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            Getting Started in Simpli5®

            Getting Started

            You will receive an email invitation to join your organization’s network in the Simpli5® platform. This automated, system-generated email comes from You may need to check your spam or junk mail folder if you do not receive the email.

            • If you were already a user in our legacy software, then the subject line for your email invitation will read, "5D: Account migrated to the new Simpli5 platform." Tap the Activate link to complete the migration process. Since you've already completed the 5 Dynamics® Starting Point assessment, then there is no need to do so again as results are consistent over timeyour reports are waiting for you once you log in!
            • If you are new to Simpli5® and 5 Dynamics®, then the subject line for your email invitation will read, "Simpli5 Invitation." Tap the Accept/Decline Invitation link to set up your profile and complete the 5 Dynamics® Starting Point assessment.

            Supported Browsers

            For the latest list of verified browsers and versions, go to
            JavaScript and cookies must be enabled on any browser in order for the site and its features to work properly. Cookies are used only to navigate between pages, never to track what you’re doing on or away from our site.

            Setting Up Your Profile

            When you first activate your new Simpli5® account, you will see one of two screens:
            1. If you are coming from the 5 Dynamics® legacy application, then your profile information has already been imported—all you need to do is to enter a password and log in with your email address.
            2. If you are new to Simpli5®, you first will be prompted to set up your account profile.
            • As part of your profile, you will be asked to choose your pronoun preference—this preference will be used in all 3rd person reports about you (e.g., your teammates reading about how best to work with you through a task or project).
            • Once you save your profile information, you will then be prompted to complete the 5 Dynamics® Starting Point assessment before being taken to your default landing page.
            See Login Specifications below for information on setting your password.

            Login Specifications

            • Your login ID is the email address where you received the invitation.
            • Passwords must have a minimum of 6 characters and include at least one upper-case letter, one lower-case letter, one numerical digit, and one special character: ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + .

            Starting Point Assessment

            If you have never completed the 5 Dynamics® Starting Point assessment, you will be prompted to do so before you can continue. The results from this assessment are the basis of your Energy Profile, which is used to create all customized content.

            Login URL

            For subsequent logins, this is the URL: My 5 Dynamics® is the default landing page when you log in.

            Need More Help?

            If you cannot find what you need in the knowledge base, please Submit a Ticket in this Help Center portal.

            Updated: 22 Aug 2019 05:30 AM
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